Agent 413

The Eversor Assassain responcible for the deaths of many young Interrogators and Revered Inquisitors during the attack on Conclave Headquaters.


The Stats for an Eversor Assassin can be found in the Dark Heresy Ascension Book


Eversor Assassins are the most gruesome products of the Officio Assassinorum. They are drug crazed killing monsters, enhanced by bio-engineering and experimental surgical procedures. Their state of mind is amplified to turn a mere dislike for the enemy into raging hatred, or the wish to serve the Imperium into suicidal determination. Their main objective on the battlefield is to rip out the heart of an enemy operation in the most unsubtle way. By slaughtering all enemies in the vicinity they ensure the command structure is entirely destroyed.

These heartless assassins are trained to be utterly ruthless and completely dedicated to the Imperium. In addition, specialized use of genetics and Human biology result in the Eversors’ modification to be more efficient killers making them almost superhuman. Their bodies are modified to make them supererb killing machines and include augmentations that strain the limits of their Human physiology through the use of bionics and genetic alterations. The Eversor Temple makes use of a number of combat drugs that make the assassin psychotically insane and push his bio-engineered body to the limit in order to better his performance on the battlefield. As such, these assassins possess a hyperactive immune system to counteract the toxins in the drugs they use.

The large amount of drugs and modification used to make the Eversor into an unstoppable killing machine are highly addictive and without them the assassin will surely die. This means that the assassins are completely addicted to death itself and the only way they can survive is by being placed in cryo-suspension, which sustains their bodies until called upon for the next assignment. As such, every Eversor is stored within cryo-crypts on secret ships scattered across the Imperium. These vessels remain at a constant state of alert and await the orders from the High Lords of Terra to be deployed to the battlefield.

When chosen for a mission, the Eversor is transferred from the cryo-crypt into a special drop pod. Once inside, neuro-links feed the details of the mission to the assassin while he remains in cryo-suspension. The pod is then launched at the target planet where remote links activate and begin to reanimate the Eversor while fine tuning his body for the task at hand. By the time the drop pod lands on the planet, the assassin is fully awake and ready to begin his task.

Due to the nature of cryo-suspension, the life of the Eversor is prolonged. The assassin in question may be completely unaware of how much time has passed while in cryo-suspension, which can be years or even centuries. To the assassin, it is as if only moments have passed between the last mission and the current one. They are completely focused at the task at hand and are ready to satiate their bloodthirst by destroying the enemies of the Imperium. This surprise attack by an Eversor catches the enemy completely by surprise as they remain confused by the nature of the attack. Quite often, before they realise what is happening, it is far too late.

Agent 413

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